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woman with coffeeDr. Stevens & Staff,

Because I had not been to a dentist in over 30 years, I was really nervous when I learned I had to have a tooth pulled. Thank you and your staff for making the whole affair a very good one. You guys are professional, very nice and you have a gentle touch. Your advice was spot on! I never experienced any pain what-so-ever. Again, thank you all for this great service and attitude!

– Debra R.


There are no words to express how much I appreciate your kindness in fixing my teeth. It will be wonderful not to be in pain every single day. It has been 5 long years of pain for me. Doc, thank you again for giving me the chance to be able to smile again.

– Pam C.

Dr. Stevens,

Last week I stopped to see you with a pain in my upper right molars that was identical to a pain I suffered at the time I had root canals done on those molars. You immediately diagnosed the cause as sinus problems. After 4 days of antibiotics, the pain went away. Now my only complaint is, "where were you when I had this problem 10 years ago?". You could have told me that I needed another root canal, and I would have never known any better. Instead you told me the truth and that truth allowed me to figure out what the problem is that I have had with that area for all of these years. I am writing this letter so that when you see the next patient with this problem, you can give him (or her) a copy of my letter.

Thank you again,
– Leonard R.

Dr. Robert E. Stevens, Jr., DDS

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